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We want to help you on your journey to build and create the business of your dreams. So in order to do that, outside of our normal design and consulting here on the website, you will gain access to:

  • Original Downloadable Content: Everything from task management tools to pricing spreadsheets, what we find we will share with you. [Including PPP Loan application paperwork]
  • Business Spotlights: We work with so many amazing clients creating amazing products, and while we cannot physically gather to network amongst each other, I can share what you do on my website for all of the clients to see (and in our upcoming newsletter) so that you can find like-minded entrepreneurs in our area.
  • Community Advocacy: We love our community, so wherever we can we will be sharing ways we and ways you can help our community. From food and clothing drives to public art installations. 
  • Donations, and opportunities to save on services: Each month we will be creating new ways to save on services. For example, for the month of February, all Black Owned Businesses will receive 20% off of all designs. 
  • Members Only Orange Club: Club members are past clients who will receive first access to downloadable content, members-only content, a private forum to network with each other, discounts on future design work, access to a new product before anyone else, direct access to make or request new products you think we should carry, gifts celebrating your business,  the ability to earn a percentage of sales through referrals,  business spotlight spots,  and more. 





A Mata Designs

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AMD is here to create amazing things with you. Whether it is a stunning brand identity, a fresh stack of business cards, or mural art for your office. We believe in going bold or going home. 


If you're ready to do something big, bold, and take life by the balls and make something great, this is the company you need to connect with. Book us now to secure a spot on our client list!


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2020 was quite a year, and we like many of you, took it off to refocus, regenerate, and figure out what we wanted to create in spite of all of the bad news we saw on tv and living through a pandemic. Like many of you, we were uncertain about the viability of our business, and more so, we wanted to create something that would give you real value in these changing times. AMD has always been about educating and loving our clients so we are going to continue that here on our website. 

Celebrate Black Excellence with us here online! This month we are celebrating by featuring a Black-Owned Business on our site [Upstairs at 8th House] and offering 20% off of all design services (not printing) to Black-Owned Businesses.


As a BOB we know how it can feel trying to create a business that people take seriously. We know the grief of not having access to the funds and capital we need because we don't fit the image set up by society. And while this may not be true in all cases, and does not mean that our counterparts do not struggle we want to give BOBs a leg up this month where we can. To request these discounts please contact us directly at (910)444-1983 or contact our Lead Designer at



8th house


We have to admit that 8th House is one of our favorite clients, but we did not create her logo. (SMI created it while we were on maternity leave, which is an equally amazing designer and BOB we love referring our clients to.). But we did get to create the labels for her amazing Sea Moss Gel!


Nakeish Little, owner and stylist/designer for the brand is not new to the fashion scene. She was one of the first mobile boutique owners in our state and has a brilliant eye for design and fashion. Each piece is meticulously hand-selected and handcrafted for her customers. Her Virgo Moon attention to detail mixed with her artistic Scorpio sun brings a level of edginess to her catalog that is different from larger retailers. 


As always, shopping with local small businesses is the best way to make the biggest impact in our community. Your support and love is what builds and allows small businesses like this one to grow. So this February, whether it's a jar of Sea Moss Gel, or an amazing handmade necklace, shop 8th House. 


IG: @upstairsat8thouse  and  @_8thhouse

Facebook: @8thhouseLLC

Website: Etsy  

8th house
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